Welcome to the online AULN resource and community website.

Lliber Town, Jalon Valley, Spain

This website has been developed on behalf of the members of the AULN “Abusos Urbanisticos Lliber - No” to provide a centralised platform of communications for the residents of Lliber whose homes are deemed to be illegal by the authorities.

Approximately 300 family homes are illegal in Lliber, many of these homes are without mains water, the majority have dubious electricity connections and non of them have a final habitation certificate. The area is blighted as a consequence of the arrangements made between former Town hall officials and builders, to build with building licences granted by the Town Hall but without authority from regional government. This wholesale construction continued from 1999-2004 by which time an estimated £60m+ was paid to the developers by unsuspecting families, many with children and those of retirement age.

Our investigations indicate corruption and greed amongst government paid individuals, builders, estate agents and the supporting professions many of them still in denial, but still in receipt of massive sums of money obtained by their fraudulent activities and deception.

Poor effort!

Since building in Lliber was stopped, in reality nothing much has happened, except some signs placed by the Town Hall warning people to “check the legality of land and property before purchasing”!!, and some well placed 10 ton weight limits to stop large construction lorries and deliveries of building materials to people who naturally wish to finish and or improve their properties.

The current Mayor has an unenviable task of trying to sort the problem out, and the general plan, now some 9 years late, is for many the solution, providing that our houses are included and that land is reclassified to allow for ALL our homes to become legal. There may be other solutions, but we must unite to ensure that whatever the solution, political or legal, it acknowledges the cause of the problem and rectifies it for those citizens who in good faith, chose to buy their homes and settle in Lliber.

If you have a property in Lliber and are affected by the above please go to the members area and login. Here you will find and meet real people, their true stories and a common purpose to resolve the issues intelligently and as an association of citizens united in the fight for proper ownership of their homes.

AULN Mission Statement

  • To bring about the proper legalisation of land and houses in Lliber that are currently considered to be 'illegal' through collective representation to the relevant authorities in Lliber and elsewhere in Spain and Europe if required.
  • To secure a supply of water and electricity from the relevant providers as a legal right.
  • To prevent or mitigate, as far as possible, any potential infrastructure costs having to be borne by owners of properties where these should be borne by other parties i.e. property developers
  • To obtain each individuals right to sell or pass on their properties in a normal and legal manner.
  • To inform, support, and where possible, advise it's members on matters which commonly affect them in relation to the foregoing, as far as is practicable and though other similar associations throughout Spain experiencing similar difficulties.