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02/04/2011 - Shameful comments of Andalucian politician angers victims

The Prosecutor is asking for two and a half years in prison and a fine of 34,500 Euros for the brother of the mayor of Cantoria (Almeria), Pedro Maria Llamas (PP), who is accused of promoting the construction, without a municipal license, of eight single family dwellings on land not zoned for building and another five on especially protected land.

According to judicial sources, the Public Ministry charged Jose Maria Llamas for the alleged commission of a planning crime as described in article 319.1 of the penal code which also requires that he be suspended for two years from working or holding any office or profession relation to construction and to compensate the owners of the homes, for which the prosecutor is requesting demolition.

The development of family homes, located in the settlement of “La Hojilla” in Cantoria, were the subject of a denuncia by the Environmental Protection Division of the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) in March 2006 although the houses had been occupied two years before by the families that had bought them, in their majority British residents, for an average price of 200,000 euros.

The majority of the houses are located on land classified as ‘no urbanizable’ although five of them occupy especially protected land, being situated on the channel of a rambla and ,therefore, on the public domain of a waterway. The non delivery of a report from the Andalucian Water Agency (AAA) caused the prosecutor to suspend the hearing which took place this Thursday in penal court number 1 in Almeria until May.

Three of the families who own the houses in litigation are participating in the case as injured parties, with their legal representatives seeking to avoid the likely demolition of these residential homes waiting for the confirmation of the Junta de Andalucias decree to “normalise” the situation of 12,697 illegal homes found in the Comarca of Almanzora

Source: AUAN