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02/11/2011 - Lliber PGOU (General Plan) grinds to a halt!

The finalisation of the Concierto Previo, which formed the basis of the Lliber PGOU and  which was promised repeatedly during the May elections will not after all be making a public  appearance in the near future.

Following a meeting with the Mayor and Town Hall Lawyer on Friday 28th October the Mayor confirmed to the AULN President Adrian Hobbs , John Mason (VP), David Glover and Monica Mas (lawyer for AULN) that the Concierto Previo was delayed due to a non payment dispute with an  Alicante based firm of town planners who are owed approximately 16000 Euros from 2007.Additionally, the amendments that were requested in order to move the planning process forward to the Public consultation stage are in the hands of the company and are not expected to be finalised until payment is made by the Town Hall, who admitted that the money was not currently available.

After the meeting Adrian Hobbs commented "We are obviously angry that the promised plan will not materialise and for many still without mains electricity and piped water the agony looks set to continue. We have clearly established that the promise cannot be achieved and we have also established that any “temporary licences promised” are borne of a fertile imagination. What agitates us more is the fact that the mayor has justified a doubling of his own salary since coming to office yet cannot pay an outstanding bill to a supplier that is now four years old"!

We knew this would probably happen

In anticipation that this would probably happen (bearing in mind we have been in this repeat situation for some 8 years now) we were accompanied to the meeting by two senior urban planners/architects from Madrid, with proposals for us and  the Town Hall to create “Plan Especiales” driven by the residents in the affected areas, that would effectively allow for the provision of services and regularise the affected homes whilst the PGOU took its slow course. The Concierto Previo was in the second stage of a seven stage PGOU process.

Using various aspects of the law, the AULN will now formally request information from the Town Hall relating to the “open and “closed” urban files, that in many cases have laid dormant for more than four years, and the urban planning procedures relating to the 300 affected homes. The Mayor has agreed to assist in the process and furnish us with the necessary information within the statutory time limits.

Until now, we have only really known that the area has 300 illegal houses, we can now obtain additional information relating to the properties (Zoning and segregation licences ,Building licences issued since 1999,Urban discipline procedures and sanctions issued and other administrative procedures that the municipality  has undertaken) and with the help of the Madrid team formulate plans that are within the scope of the planning laws, and in the first instance obtain legal services (Electricity & Water) from the utility companies, and prepare them for inclusion in the PGOU probably years before it eventually arrives.

In the coming days we will be working closely with the Madrid team to improve our understanding and will communicate to AULN members directly in more detail in the next few days.