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27/01/2012 - Light at the end of the tunnel?

You will be pleased to know that on Wednesday 25th January we were informed by the Town Hall that a large number of properties in Lliber would be able to apply for a “licence of first occupation” ( Licencias de Ocupación/ Cedula) on the basis that houses had been completed for more than 4 years.

This news should enable homeowners to apply for independent electricity supplies from Iberdrola and direct water connection to the Town Hall. This development does not mean that your home is “legal” and many issues remain unresolved, but it is a positive step in that direction and will overcome certain utility difficulties for many homeowners. The AULN will continue to pursue the publication of the Concierto Previo, public consultation and ultimate Plan Generale which was on the list of election pledges.

The Town Hall will provide assistance to homeowners in the first instance by reviewing their related property paperwork on an individual basis, by appointment at the Town Hall each Friday between 4.30 and 7pm commencing 10th February. Below is the official communication from the Town Hall with information as to what is
 “appropriate paperwork”.

From our previous discussions with the Madrid based Town Planning Architects, this development is consistent with their proposals and advice to us and with our legal rights as homeowners. For homeowners living in UK or elsewhere we will be making the services of the architects available to you, if required, to assist in the process with the Town Hall on your behalf. For homeowners who have deficient   documentation /land registration/ownership/boundary/parcelisation/topography issues, the services of the architects may prove useful to you particularly if your command of planning law and Spanish is weak. Again we will provide further information in the next few days relating to contact details and a scale of their charges for this service.

So for once and for some, good news, but we are still some way from legal certainty.

In another communication we received from the British Consulate yesterday it seems bigger wheels are also in motion and our pressure may be yielding some results at long last ……………

we met with Isabel Bonig, the Regional Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment (Consellera d’Infraestructures, Territori I Medi Ambient), and her team to discuss various property issues in the region, focussing primarily on Catral and Lliber.  The Consellera emphasised that the Valencian Regional Government will continue to work with the local councils in Catral and Lliber towards a solution, and that they will establish a working group to look at the issues in these towns and a few others more closely.”


Confirmation & Information from Lliber Town Hall (as received)


Since entering the Town Hall in June 2011, the Corporation and technical team have sought to resolve the situation regarding those houses without occupation licences – formerly the “Cedula de Habitabilidad”. To this end , we sought the opinion of a lawyer , expert in urbanistic law and with wide experience with knowledge of the situation in Llíber. In late December 2011 the Mayor received a verbal ruling, followed by a written confirmation  as to how to proceed.

This ruling stated that the Town Hall is able to grant habitation licences provided that various requisites have been met and any notice of infraction has expired.

As the situation of each house is unique we cannot guarantee that all will receive the occupation licence, but it is our understanding that the majority of the houses will. In order to facilitate processing of applications and as an offer of good faith the Town Hall is offering appointments with the technical team to check documents for each property before applying for a habitation licence. This is to avoid residents paying the tax for a licence application then being denied for incorrect documentation. An appointment system has been set up for residents to meet with the lawyer and arquitect  outside of the normal working hours of the Town Hall solely for this purpose as the day to day work of the Town Hall has to continue.

We are aware that there are a number of houses not yet paying IBI or registered with SUMA  for payment of this tax, as this is essential to obtain an occupation licence these appointments can also be used to advise residents or check documentation for this.

Appointments  :- Friday 10,17,24 February,  2 March     - complete

                                  Friday 9, 16, 23, 30  March                    - open  

Please telephone 96 5730509 or call in person to the Town Hall for an appointment.





Arquitects certificate

Receipts for payment of services – electricity and water

Latest receipt for payment of IBI or documents to confirm”Alta” with SUMA





Photographs of exterior facades of property

Topographical plan of the property showing the situation of the building on the plot, swimming pool, outbuildings etc .

Certificate of age of property