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27/02/2012 - Former Lliber Mayor and Architect appear in Court

After a  9 year wait, the former mayor of Lliber Jose Mas and former town hall architect Amador Signes appeared for a one day trial in Benidorm accused of sanctioning the illegal building of 24 houses in Lliber between 2000 and 2003.

During the trial both Mas and Signes argued in their defence that they had followed the “Normas Subsidiarias of Lliber” (local regulations), and were preserving and restoring the old country houses which were in a state of ruin, something they had always done to preserve the rural heritage of the village. They also argued in their defence that they had not acted alone and that other members of the town council were also involved in the process.

For the prosecution, members of the Guardia Civil completely destroyed the defence arguments and were very clear apparently about the illegal situation of the houses and the non existence, in most cases, of properties to be restored.

Two British residents and one German provided additional testimony in the case and the verdict is expected within the next eight weeks.

Some of the evidence from this case will provide additional evidential support for  the 109 registered victims of the “class action” bought by the AULN following 19 arrests in Lliber in December 2009. The majority of people arrested including the British builder Trevor Bourne, Miguel Montaner, recently convicted builders Peter and Benjamin Schmidt and members of Lliber council  have been charged with a variety of crimes including corruption and fraud.