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14/08/2012 - Homeowners to take case to Europe

Residents from the Valle del Sol in Murcia met last week to decide whether or not to petition the European Parliament about their lack of habitation certificates. More than 40 residents met at the New Yorks Bar in El Trampolin to hear President of the Asociacion Valle del Sol, Lee Monks, explain to the members about their right to petition under article 227 of the European Treaty.

The residents have lived in limbo for many years after having their houses built on rural land by developers who had not obtained the correct licences from the Town Hall.
Some have had embargoes placed on their homes and some have paid thousands of euros in fines but are still without the essential paperwork that makes their homes legal.

The decision to raise the petition has come after several meetings with representatives at Murcia Town Hall have failed to get a positive outcome for the residents. Lee told RTN: “The petition will be comprehensive and include all the facts relating to our case.”

A draft of the petition has already been sent to Andrew Kinsman, who is the parliamentary officer for Marta Andreason MEP. She has been fighting for the injustices of people like those in the association who are suffering from property problems all over Spain. Lee added: “I would go as far as to say that we are being persecuted by the local government due to their archaic laws regarding the classification of land.”

In the Valle del Sol, the building of the illegal houses was allowed to continue by the Murcia Town Hall from 2002 until 2007, which Lee says makes the Town Hall “complicit” in their action.
As a result the Town Hall considers the home owners as the ‘promoters’ of their own properties and therefore they are liable for any fines or infrastructure costs; which of course is morally reprehensible. And the association intends to fight the Town Hall all the way to the European Parliament.

Lee added: “We have given the Town Hall proof that we are not the ‘promoters’ of our houses. Some residents have even tried via a court ruling to reach a satisfactory conclusion but the Town Hall still insists on persecuting the wrong people.”

The Asociacion El Trampolin is also supporting the Valle del Sol residents and now the decision has been made to go ahead, the petition has been placed at various points in the locality for people to sign it.
Source: Written by  Louise Clarke RTN