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19/10/2012 - Nothing of any significance has happened

I write to bring you up to date with events in Lliber and if I was to encapsulate the whole piece in a few words I would be able to say……… 

“Nothing of any significance has happened that gets your home nearer to legalised status in Lliber since the election of 2011”.    

Not much has happened in Lliber for the last 500 days . The first 500 days since the PP were elected in May 2011 on a number of promises, which to date have failed to materialise. To remind you, Pepe Juan Reus Reus (the mayor) promised us:

Jose Juan Reus.

1. Electricity and water supplies to the illegal homes.

2. Delivery of the General Plan

"We promise to commit to this fully, and put every tool that we have at our disposal into getting the General Plan dealt with as soon as possible.” Pepe Juan Reus Reus

To our knowledge  no new water connections have been made to any residents who do not have direct supplies from the town hall, residents currently supplied by tanker continue to have water delivered by road.  The new underground water storage  and pumping facility being built near the Val de Pop Restaurant is for residents on the existing low pressure facility and not for those currently without direct town hall supplies.

An electricity project in La Cuta is underway to supply electricity to a number of homes but may soon grind to a halt in the absence of the promised “licence of first occupation”,  a project which suffered a similar death earlier in the year and substituted by the infamous  “ Letter from Valencia”.

The long awaited General Plan which formed a significant part of the last election campaign has long since disappeared from the vocabulary of the local politicians, probably due to a distinct lack of money to pay for its finalisation, but hey that’s pure speculation on our part!  They certainly have not committed “every tool at their disposal” to resolving the problem despite what our Northern European Representative  for the PP, Suzanne McAllister, tells us.

There was some success for a few (six) households who managed to get some  habitation certificates from the town hall but we are also led to believe that their issue may contravene the law and in the last Pleno meeting at the town hall, objections from the opposition party to elements of the process have been made public.

So there we go……….. 500 days gone, lots of promises, no concrete action to remedy the situation. And that’s the reason why you have not heard much from the AULN in recent months. There has been “Nothing to Report”.

On the 23rd October we shall ask the Mayor again…..

  1. Where is the letter “of good news” from Valencia that was due to arrive in July 2012?
  2. Why have you not issued any Licences of 1st Occupation, even though the paperwork submitted by a number of residents has been fully verified and technically correct and all of the houses have existed in Lliber for more than four years?
  3. What is stopping you issuing 1st occupation licences that allow a proper electricity supply to residents?
  4. Why have you not connected new water meters to residents that do not currently pay for water?
  5. Why are many residents on shared water supplies paying up to four times more for their water than other Lliber residents?
  6. When will the new water storage facility be operational?
  7. Why has the town hall not resolved the housing problem in Lliber that potentially could generate an estimated 90,000- 120,000 Euros per annum for the village at a time when the village residents and Spain need it most?
  8. Why has the town hall not progressed the Plan General and published it for public consultation?
  9. What exactly are the policies and priorities of the PP in Lliber?
  10. When will clear leadership be shown to the residents of Lliber to resolve the 10 year old problem of illegality?

Prior to this meeting, 500 leaflets will be distributed to households and businesses in Lliber village highlighting our plight, making them fully aware of the impact it has on them  and encouraging them to question their local politicians as to why the General Plan has not been finalised.

Lliber Update

We will give you a full update soon with a public meeting date for us to meet and discuss our options in the absence of any of substance from the town hall.

On a happier note the AULN Jubilee celebrations in early June were a resounding success with nearly 100 guests attending and raising over 500 Euros for the local charity Caritas, which distributes food to local people, particularly those affected at this time by the economic downturn and who in many cases are unable to buy food for themselves, or their families.  In the last week the Spanish Red Cross have also appealed for funds with more than 300,000 citizens falling into poverty and short of food.

 John Mason, June Mason, Jill Morrison, Ron Jones and Deborah Hobbs drop off 500 Euros of essential foods for the local community.

AULN members were entertained by tributes to Amy Winehouse, ABBA, Lady Gaga  and Rhianna with a splendid Spice Girls tribute by the girls dressed in very short but appropriate Union Jack dresses for the royal occasion.

Great food, great entertainment, great company, Happy Jubilee 2012, God save the Queen and Lliber!

Spice Girls bring the Jubilee event to life in more ways than one!