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18/11/2014 - More pain in Corrupted Spain!

There is social outcry against the demolition that occurred today 18th November 2014, of two houses in Cantoria acquired in good faith by British citizens.

The association of those affected by planning illegalities known as AUAN informs us that 15 municipalities of the Valle of Almanzora have approved, via their representatives, a manifesto that appeals for the human rights of the owners of the houses, who need to receive just compensation prior to demolition. The municipalities declare that they consider that the Autonomous government is responsible, at least in part, for the existence of hundreds of thousands of illegal houses, and that they therefore should not turn their back on this problem, permitting the continued drip feed of demolition orders. In addition, they protest that the application of the law should conform to social reality without making the enforcement of the law unfair or abusive. They also declare that foreign buyers should be protected and not driven away, given that currently they disproportionately suffer the rigor of planning laws, in spite of being purchasers in good faith.  The municipal representatives understand that the end does not justify the means and that nothing is achieved with these demolitions. They declare that they do not understand the actions of of the Junta in this particular case and would like to know what is their exact role in this matter.


They also appeal for the regularisation of the houses and say that they do not understand how you can demolish houses in Cantoria that are in an area of possible regularisation. The manifesto ends with the call ‘Enough words, solutions now!’

AUAN informs us that the manifesto  has also united associations of those affected from across all of Andalucia, including the Plataforma de afectados por las inundaciones del Guadalquivir from Córdoba, the Federación de vecinos de Las Lagunas from Chiclana de la Frontera, the Asociación Afotomoque from  Marmolejo in Jaén, the Residents association of Estepona, the group Víctimas del incendio from Mijas, the Federación de Parcelistas from Córdoba, la Asociación Apaig Villafranca from Córdoba, the Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos from Chiclana de la Frontera, as well as  AUAN in Almería and SOHA in Málaga


Apparently the support is not limited to Andalusia, given that the Spanish Federation of Associations in defence of Human Rights and against environmental abuse (FAUN) has signed up, as well as the association Abusos Urbanisticos No (AUN) from Valencia.

To put it another way, the manifesto has been expressly supported by associations and Town Halls who represent thousands of people and nationalities , including Spanish, British, German, Belgian, Norwegian and Irish, among others.