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24/03/2009 - Recognition for AULN

Adrian Hobbs, president of the Auln met the Mayor of Lliber, Juan Bautista Reus Fullana on the 24th March 2009. ”Our primary objective on the day was to inform the Mayor of the existence of the Auln as an association of residents across Lliber, and to obtain recognition for the association with a view to participating in the forthcoming consultations regarding the “General Plan”. These objectives were met” he said.

Accompanied by Monica Mas, Abogado, Adrian expressed residents concerns regarding current electricity and water supplies and the frustrations of residents in trying to resolve these issues. This was met with a muted response, pointing to resolution via the General Plan. Monica Mas pointed out to the Mayor that the problem was created by the local authority and unscrupulous developers, and that the onus was on them to resolve the problem in the interests of the victims. Adrian presented the Mayor with a copy of the Auken report (in Spanish) and told him the report included the problems in Lliber as a consequence of a resident’s petition and that the Eu parliament was clearly now on the residents (victims) side. The Auln fully understood the cause of the current problems and that EU law was now firmly behind us.

“We need to participate in the forthcoming consultations, understand what is being proposed, then formulate a strategy to ensure we are all fully accommodated. Our properties must in future acquire their rightful status, our utilities need to be provided in a normal way and in turn we can contribute to the local economy with our taxes. The council needs to understand this as a minimum, and we are prepared to fight our corner with a growing voice, with full rights as European citizens”.  Adrian added.