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09/10/2009 - Auken visit supports Auln and its residents

On Sunday, September 27, Margrete Auken  MEP visited Lliber following the conference held in Alfaz del  Pi the previous evening. The purpose of the visit was to hear and see for herself the issues that are affecting the residents of Lliber who own illegal properties.

On arrival Adrian Hobbs, president of the AULN, greeted Ms Auken, Mr Kjell Sevon , Mr Charles Svoboda and Mrs Lisa Svoboda, the latter two representing  Abusos Urbanisticos No!  regional organisation .

Adrian provided a clear presentation to the audience consisting of the various local associations describing Lliber as a crime scene that had affected some 600 people due to unscrupulous acts of various developers and former town hall employees. The focus of the presentation was on what the residents should do to secure proper water and electricity supplies to improve the daily quality of life and directly asked Ms Auken what she would do if she found herself in our position.

During the open question and answer session that followed, Margrete made the following comments:

·         She was pleased that so many people from Spain had raised petitions highlighting the illegal acts that had occurred.

·         The grass roots of dissent were growing and that our voices across Spain were being heard by the European Parliament and consequently pressure was being applied to the Spanish Government.

·         A motion was being put forward to suspend a 180m Euro structural funding payment to the Valencian government. If it fails at the level of the Budget  Committee it could be re-tabled at the ensuing Plenary session to keep the issue alive.

·         She urged the community to focus its efforts and work  together to make things change and that a call for an amnesty in Lliber was a reasonable request to make as the Town Hall had not acted in accordance with the law. If the town hall is honest, it should support an amnesty request to the Valencian authorities.

·         The judicial system is dysfunctional, but more judges were becoming aware of the situation and the problems with the rule of law needing to be addressed urgently.

·         The more issues are highlighted in the public domain , the better  Spanish society would be, having no  place for corruption to hide.

·         The situation in Lliber and other – especially small-towns throughout Spain,  was shameful and the corruption has to stop. Spain purports to be a fully supportive member of the European Union, yet it frequently  distorts or ignores  EU laws!

·         She urged the associations to keep up the pressure and to fight for their rights , but also added that those who were still in denial should wake up or suffer the consequences of inaction.


Following a light lunch,  Denis Arthurs, John Mason and Michael & Bernarda Felix accompanied Ms Auken on a tour of La Cuta to see for herself the mix of properties affected and the individual cases of hardship that had been encountered and just before the heavens opened she was received by Ms Jacqui Cotterill and taken to Parcent before returning to Brussels.

To see the full meeting go to the members area and download the video. (Available Shortly)