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22/10/2009 - Aun Presidente provides practical support to Auln

'Use all the available weapons in your armoury,' said Enrico Climent one of the founder members of Abusos Urbanisticos No (AUN) who visited Lliber on Monday 19th October to meet representatives of the AULN and other Lliber resident associations.
Snr Clement, a seasoned urbanistic campaigner, captivated his audience with examples of the madness caused by Spain's construction laws. These have wreaked havoc not only on the northern European residents who had hoped for a quiet life in warmer climes, but also more recently, on its own population unfortunate enough to own seaside homes. Many of these are now under threat of demolition.

The most recent example given was the Parcent plan to build over 1000 villas, which was just last week, overturned by the local action group "Veins de Parcent". This group used the power of its residents, English, Dutch and German as well as Spanish, to challenge the local town hall and the law, in order to stop the abuses.
'Form yourself into one group and one voice if you want to win and start now to ensure the future of your homes,' he warned. 'Spain has many laws; use them in your favour to ensure the correct result. You are victims of the promoters, developers and of the incompetence and corruption that exists in the town hall. You must stand against it. Find one honest lawyer, use the media to highlight your plight, make sure you are on the Padron to obtain your voting rights for the next election and end the apathy. You only have one home!'
Snr Climent departed to warm applause, leaving a strong message reverberating around the room.