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24/10/2009 - Lliber Resident Associations join forces

Resident Associations from La Cuta joined the fight with the AULN to obtain water and electricity from the Town Hall in Lliber. In a very short time the AULN has secured the support of a large number of concerned residents with homes in Lliber. They have begun working as one to secure bona fide utilities for those affected. "We have all been actively seeking a solution independently of each other in each area for a number of years and it makes sense to pool our knowledge and resources," commented Dennis Arthurs, president of one of La Cuta’s Resident Associations. " The AULN website has proven to be an excellent tool for communicating and sharing information. The AULN has been extremely proactive in raising the issues to the wider community, even as far as Brussels with the recent visit by Margrete Auken, and we are all fully behind a united effort," he said.
Adrian Hobbs, President of the AULN, commented "Other groups have expressed an interest in joining us, and we await their members approval shortly. An executive committee has already been formed to develop an action plan for the New Year in anticipation of the General Plan becoming public, and we have learnt so much from the visits of Ms Auken and Messrs Svoboda and Clemente from the AUN".
Hobbs went on to say: "Our purpose remains clear: obtain proper utilities and secure the long term future of our homes. Dissent with local and regional government is spreading across Spain as thousands of owners of illegal properties unite with the aid of the AUN and the new FAUN organisation so we are far from alone in this battle.
Shortly we shall be making contact with all Lliber residents to establish that we cover all the affected areas and we will provide them with further information about the situation, regardless of their nationality".