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16/11/2009 - 1600 habitacion certificates issued in Orihuela!

The Round Town News reported last week  that the Town Hall of Orihuela is about to release nearly 1600 habitation certificates to residents of the coast, who have been fighting for years to get them, but have always been told that until the developers finish their urbanisations and issue the relevant paperwork for the various utility companies, it was impossible to issue them.

Is it a coincidence, we wonder, that just two days after opposition party The Greens held a second meeting with coastal residents about their lack of habitation certificates, the Councilor for Urbanism, Antonio Rodriguez Barbera, announces that the Town Hall will be issuing the certificates ? A cynical person would say that it is not just a coincidence, we however, are willing to give the Town Hall the benefit of the doubt and welcome this news with pleasure. According to the Councilor, 1572 certificates of habitation will be issued immediately and a further 536 are being processed.


The massive u-turn on certificate issuing policy apparently came as a complete shock to Round Town News; opposition parties but also welcoming the news  questioning the motives behind the decision.

Mr Rodriguez Barbera stated at a press conference on Wednesday that he has been Negotiating with the various property developers for over two years to secure the assurances and necessary paperwork to issue the affected residents with their much needed certificates. He said that since he and fellow Coastal Councilor Jose Antonio Aniorte, have been in office it has been the highest priority on their agenda and that it has been the main project for the Town Hall's urban technicians.

He told the assembled members of the press that they are taking care of all the requests as a matter of urgency and that those requests they have received from urbanisations that need further work, will be given a full list of necessary works to be completed so they can issue their certificates. There will also be special dispensation for those residents with houses more than ten years old and who are living in houses built by now defunct property developers.


A Spokesman from the coastal CLARO political party told Round Town News that the party is pleased at the prospect of progress in habitation Granting certificates to the thousands who have been seriously affected by the Town Hall's policy of not Granting them.

President Bob Houliston said: "We know that they have considerable discretion in the matter and Clara has sought to help in dramatic situations where the failure to Obtain a habitation certificate meant reliance on builders supplies of electricity and water were only too often Which discontinued Because builders were no longer willing or able to continue Providing these vital services. "

Bob concluded: "The Town Hall has allowed this situation of hardship for thousands of legal residents to develop Because in most cases it was not willing to get tough on builders and developers who had not finished urbanisations. It holds deposits to Ensure Compliance with building licenses but have not taken the interests of individual property owners into account and used the deposits as leverage with builders and developers To ensure works were finished or as the financial means to finish what builders and developers themselves failed to do. They have only themselves to blame for letting the situation get out of hand. What they say they are doing now could have been done years ago. By taking the side of developers, the Town Hall has caused unnecessary hardship and problems for Countless innocent individuals. "


Councilor for the Coast PSOE Rosa Martinez, is also pleased about the announcement. She told RTN: "It has taken three years of hard work fighting for this and we have Denounced the Orihuela Town Hall many times for their disinterest in the personal situations of some of the affected families. We have visited many urbanisations and negotiated on their behalf for these certificates and have taken this issue to the 'full' meeting in the Town Hall many times, in order to try to resolve these problems. "

PSOE were the main organizers of the protest outside the doors of the Orihuela Town Hall last year when residents asked for their habitation certificates to be issued and they had been told at the time that it was out of the Town Hall's hands, so Although they are pleased, they are a little surprised by their apparent u-turn. Rosa added: "We are glad of this news, but we would be happier if the Councilor of Urbanism had said that he is going to take the responsible promoters who have not fulfilled their promises to court. We will continue Denouncing the negligence, lack of building control and deceit of the ruling PP Town Hall after they allowed this wild urbanism on the Orihuela Coast to happen in the first place. The PSOE party will also continue working for all The Residents who are in this situation. "

The key question remains in Lliber. Will the PSOE have the guts to correct our problem and issue certificates room after  8 Long years and bring harmony and prosperity to the village once again?