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12/02/2009 - Online petition to lobby Mr Brown

Since the Malaya Case erupted in March 2006 many of us have discovered that we have unknowingly purchased property in Spain which still has no Habitation Licence.  Many purchased properties off-plan years ago, only to discover they are fighting the Spanish Legal system in an attempt to get their deposits back.

Some don't even have a property to complete on, after many years.

A major aim of is to get us together to form a Petition which can be presented to the British Government.  Spain is part of the EU and has to abide by  EU rules and regulations.  Many of us have waited months to get our court cases heard, only to be told we have to wait many months more.  Some who 'win' their cases find that an 'Appeal' is automatically lodged by the developer, and once again many months have to pass before they have to go back to court.  This is in spite of the fact that their property is illegal, and in some cases the developer has already been arrested and charged in the Malaya case, is out on bail, but is still not being made by the courts to refund the monies paid for an illegal building.  The Spanish Legal system is not working for us.

Many have also discovered that the lawyer they have paid to work on their behalf and give them the correct legal advice has not done so.   Since 1968 it has been the LAW in Spain that Bank Guarantees are issued by the developer free of charge to protect the purchaser in the event of a Breach of Contract.  Many of our lawyers have not made sure that we had Bank Guarantees and did not alert us to this fact when we signed our Contract.  According to Spanish Law these lawyers are liable to be fined many thousands of Euros for this serious negligence.  When some of us have changed lawyers we find that getting our complete files transferred is extremely difficult.  The Colegio de Abogados, their governing body similar to our Law Society, does nothing to address the many complaints that are passed on to them regarding this issue alone.

Support and information is vital for us as we fight for justice. hopes to provide this and welcomes input.  Please note that more information will be forthcoming as it is received.

The 'Your Stories' page has been set up for those of you who have kindly agreed to have your experiences posted on the website.   This is quite separate from the SPSPetition, and will only be posted at your request.  It will not identify the contributor, nor will it disclose any names of developments/lawyers etc. 


A Petition is vital & I urge you to contribute to it, please visit the website