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15/12/2009 - Six Arrested in Lliber Housing Fraud

On Sunday 15th December Guardia Civil officers arrested six people, one of them British,  all linked to construction companies involved in the illegal building of some 300 homes in Lliber, Alicante Province. The six are accused of fraud and planning related crimes, and are linked to an ongoing investigation into the activities of the former PP Mayor and Town Architect during the period 1999-2003.


 The AULN  reported on  the investigation back in May with the help of the Round Town news reporter Jack Troughton, and many of Lliber's Northern European population provided the evidence to the Guardia Civil, enabling them to complete the crime jigsaw with relevant information to help their investigation. From what we are led to believe, the officers have worked tirelessly  to bring this case to the courts, and hopefully will secure convictions against those accused. We publicly thank them and their colleagues for their efforts and now hope the Spanish legal system will enable justice to be done on behalf of the 600 + victims.


Adrian Hobbs, President of the AULN commented "We are obviously pleased that these arrests have taken place and the finger should now be pointed at the Town Hall, the regional authorities and Politicians, for allowing this to happen, and whilst the incumbent Mayor was not in power during the aforementioned period , he and many of his colleagues must have been aware of the activities of those involved because 300 houses did not  just appear out of thin air.


For nearly ten years those affected have been continously lied to by the accused developers, government officials, lawyers and anyone who could turn a fast peseta out of innocent and elderly people who brought homes in good faith, invested heavily in Spain and in particular Lliber, and invested in the dream of living in a beautiful country for their remaining years.

This is not the only village blighted by what seems to be a systematic scam across Spain. Throughout the Valencian Region and down through Andelucia, the horror stories are the same, and the effects on the local populace similar, with poor water supplies, builders electricity and generators littering the countryside and people living in fear of their homes being demolished".

He went on to say "We now call on the Mayor  of Lliber to seek an immediate amnesty for all the people and homes involved, and to work rapidly to take over the electricity and water supplies from the accused and sit around the table to generate a sustainable General Plan for Lliber that benefits local Spanish and  European residents and to restore confidence in the Spanish property market which is badly tarnished throughout Europe at a time when Spain needs it most."