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17/12/2009 - Go to jail!

A judge in Denia has sent Jose Mas Avellan, the former Mayor of Lliber and quantity surveyor Amado Signes to jail over their relationship with the illegal local land deals. Both appeared in court yesterday morning overt their possible involvement in unauthorised building in the municipality between 1999 and 2003, with Mr Mas Avellan admitting that he received a luxury car and that he bought a home from the kickbacks he received from the builders.


The investigation into the dubious deals that have left some 300 foreigners - mostly from the UK - in a legal limbo is still on going and more arrests could be made. Yesterday statements were taken by the Calpe branch of the Guardia Civil from the current Mayor of the town Juan Bautista Reus, as well as from a member of the Socialist Party and one from the Partido Popular over their possible involvement in the land deals. Statements are also expected to be taken from a notary and various lawyers who could also have been involved in the deals, whilst the Urbanising Investigative arm of the Guardia Civil has expressed the belief that the builders pocketed as much as 150 million Euros from the sales of these homes to unsuspecting foreigners.


Those affected by these sales have since formed an association, and have expressed the hope that their money could be returned to them as a result of these illegal sales but the builders stated that they were insolvent. The owners of these illegal homes are now hoping that some sort of arrangement can be made with the town hall that would include their houses in the new General Plan for Lliber, that would at least enable them to receive mains water and electricity legally.


Earlier the judge had heard testimony from three of the builders involved in the scandal, releasing two, obliging them to appear in court every two weeks to confirm their presence in the area, whilst a third was jailed, avoidable by placing a bail bond of 100,000 Euros. Testimony from the other detainees is expected to take place today and tomorrow.