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21/01/2010 - Spanish Prime Minister put on the spot by UKIP MP in Strasbourg

Marta Andreasen firmly and eloquently put the case in English and in Spanish for those people who are facing the loss of their homes in Spain

The Spanish Prime Minister has been put firmly on the spot in the European Parliament today by the Euro M.P. Marta Andreasen from UKIP. She has the strange background of being Argentine born, now a Spanish citizen and was elected as a member of the European Parliament for the UK Independence party in 2009.

Speaking on Wednesday in the chamber in Strasbourg directly to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as part of the debate on the Programme for the Spanish Presidency, she asked how Spain thinks it can organise the European Presidency if it remains unable to find a solution to the real estate abuses on its own territory.

She made specific reference to the British couple, Helen and Len Prior, who saw their home in Vera, Almería, demolished two years ago, and promised she would do all she could to convert the EU threat of sanctions against Spain over real estate abuses into a reality if the problem is not solved by the end of the Spanish presidency in six months time.

Other MEPs Glenis Willmott (Labour) and Diana Wallis (Liberal Democrat and Vice-President of the European Parliament) also appealed for a solution to urban abuses and land grab scandals on behalf of British victims. Michael Cashman, MEP, has already written a personal appeal to the Spanish Prime Minister stating that “It is the Spanish government alone that can bring an end to these abuses”.




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