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12/02/2010 - Guardia close investigation

The Guardia Civil informed the AULN and other resident group members that the investigation against those arrested before Christmas 2009 was now concluded and there would be no further involvement by the Guardia Civil. The accused are now awaiting trial under the case reference 284/2006 Court 3 Denia. The group thanked the Guardia officers for their professionalism and dedication to the task.

Those in attendance were told that a court and judge cannot legalise the properties, they can only order demolition orders if they see fit. To legalise the houses, it is down to the Plan General, which is expected to be completed in a few years, but it does not guarantee that all 300 houses will be legalised.

Monica Mas, who represents many of the affected residents, explained three possible routes that could be taken.

  1. The first being “sit back and hope” that your house will be legalized by the town hall within the general plan.

  2. Secondly, pursue individual or group denucia’s against the relevant constructors and other parties involved to ensure they receive adequate punishment for the crimes they committed against you, including extended imprisonment and asset seizure.

  3. Request to the judge that compensation be set aside from the frozen assets of those involved to compensate victims for loss of home (if that occurs), Infrastructure costs including Power, Water, Sewerage, Roads etc Taxes outstanding and unpaid to the fiscal authorities, legal fees to be incurred in future for Land registry, Topography, Architect Reports, Bulletins. and any other costs or disputes that may arise.

  4. Residents who require further information should consult their own lawyer to determine what steps they should take as individuals or contact Monica Mas if they wish to be represented within a collective action.

    The AULN will in the coming weeks provide assistance to residents who decide that options 2 & 3 should be pursued. In the present situation and in the absence of any substantial political initiatives local, regional and national, option 1 is high risk.


    We are hopeful that we can meet with you all in public within 6-8 weeks with more information.


    What can you do while this is happening?

    If you have any thoughts and ideas you would like to share please feel free to contribute and send us an email via the “contact us” page found on the website. .The Forum currently has a technical problem which will be resolved shortly.

    We need you to talk to your neighbours who may have been away or are still in their home country when we delivered our leaflets. Ask them to go to and join us. We are fighting to ensure everyone’s house is safe.

    We need everyone affected to become members, the more members we have, the stronger we are as a group and the lower the cost of any legal fees for everyone. The leaflet drop recently saw a large rise in membership as many people are still unaware that the AULN exists (there are nearly 150 members so far!)

    Some people still cannot believe that after years of hard work their retirement dreams are shattered and that they have been deceived by criminals. Where we can, we need to help them accept the situation. I have and you have, it’s a bitter pill to swallow! But together we can work hard  to ensure our homes are made legal and look forward to the day when our lives return to something like normal.