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21/02/2010 - Planning law changes?

THE REGIONAL government in Valencia is set to throw a lifeline to many expats who could see their illegal homes made legal.


Media reports claim that Valencia is prepared to approve special plans for areas where illegal homes have been built that will allow owners to legalise their properties.

In the case of Llíber, regional government calculates that the more than 300 illegal homes there are concentrated in specific zones and is consulting its lawyers to find a way to legalise them so owners can obtain basic services such as electricity and water. If the move is successful, owners will also be able to put their homes up for sale.

Despite the lifeline being offered by regional government it has been reported that Llíber mayor, Juan Bautista Reus, has still to meet with regional officials to discuss the problem, although an official said that even though the council has not sent in any documents as yet, the work being carried out in Valencia is extra-official in order to speed up the process.

Sources in Valencia point out that legalising 300 properties is a long process and it is currently in its early stages.

They added that the course being taken appears to be the only way to solve the problem.

Other towns affected by illegal building are Zarra, Montroy, Catral and Redován


Source Tom Cain- Costa Blanca News


Heres an article from El Pais



Dont hold your breath yet. Llibers Mayor told us the PGOU paperwork was being processed by Valencia. We shall ask him at our next meeting!