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12/03/2010 - TV crew visit Lliber for BBC programme

SPAIN’S ONGOING illegal housing crisis is the focus of a new BBC documentary due to be screened at the end of the month. Journalists from BBC Wales visited Lliber residents this week to examine the situation that has created misery for homeowners who have seen their dream of a new life in the sun turn sour.

The team flew in from Cardiff to film after weeks of research with the AULN and Round Town News were happy to help producer Phil Williams and presenter Sian Lloyd meet expats, community associations and action groups campaigning for a solution.
 RTN reporter Jack Troughton, Ken and Lynn Speed , Adrian and Deborah Hobbs and the AULN solicitor Monica Mas were interviewed by the BBC.

Trevor Bourne, one of the six builders arrested and charged originally agreed to be interviewed but then declined at the last minute.

Part of the programme – due to be aired on March 30th – centres on the picturesque Lliber Valley and more than 300 villas illegally built by an alleged conspiracy between the local authority, architects, promoters and builders.
The Lliber situation is currently the subject of a criminal prosecution following an investigation by the Guardia Civil which concluded recently.

The BBC were also filming in Albox and Vera where homes have been flattened and demolition orders issued and also interviewed Minster for Europe Chris Bryant about how the British government could help expats.
Sian told RTN: “Phil is the producer and has researched and put together the programme and has made all the calls over the past couple of months.
“Now we are out here in Spain and actually doing the filming, as presenter I actually go on camera and ask the questions.”

She said: “We have spoken to a number of residents who have found themselves victims of a system that they say has let them down. Making the programme is actually taking us across Spain and Lliber is one of the areas featured.
“It is very interesting as we find out more about the system in Spain and how it has evolved.”
Phil said that the numbers of expats living in Spain or visiting the country continued to make the headlines in the UK.
“I think looking at it, there have been difficulties with the system and the situation is very difficult to put right for a lot of people,” he said.
“There are some very strong stories here that people back home will be very interested in.”

We hope to place the programme content on by early April.