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23/03/2010 - Over 100 residents go to court in pursuit of justice. Part 1

Following the arrest of the former Mayor and architect of Lliber, builders and associated professionals, the victims of the 150m euro buildings scam finally decided to take action against them and registered themselves to the court to become a part of the legal process.
The AULN have appointed a leading  lawyer to advise on the  the case on behalf of a group action  and he will work with Monica Mas and other lawyers to assist the residents advising them of all the options available. Adrian Hobbs-Auln President said " I am delighted that in less than 4 days over 100 people have committed themselves to the legal process and ensure that we are fully taken into account. We will be seeking full compensation from the perpetrators including Lliber town hall and the regional government  who so obviously turned a blind eye between 1999 and 2005. If our houses cannot be legalised and the threat of demolition is not removed full asset seizure will be requested from wherever in the world they are hidden to satisfy our claims which potentially will run into  millions of Euro's. Had we had to taken this action individually it was not affordable, this way our costs are shared and small, but our collective voice is extremely loud. Our task now is to ensure all the affected homeowners are aware of this action and they are more than welcome to join us regardless of who their builder was".
If you are affected and would like to talk to someone in confidence please email us via the contact page on this website.
To those who have already registered: WELL DONE! and Thanks...........because we're stronger together. xx 

Below: the first residents who have registered themselves at the court.

Outside Denia Court the first 45 residents sign up