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28/03/2010 - Catral residents step up to the plate!

THE MESSAGE is simple. Stand together, be united and fight for your rights, or allow every estate agent, notary, solicitor and Town Hall official involved in the sale of illegal homes in Catral to get away with it. Honorio Llamas, the solicitor who is helping get justice for Catral homeowners didn’t beat around the bush on Monday afternoon when he held a meeting at the town’s Casa de Cultura. The legal expert, who is giving his time, knowledge and experience for free to the illegal homeowners in Catral, could not have been more clear; “Be united, stick together and be a force to be reckoned with,” he said, “Otherwise this will all fizzle out and you will be forced to pay thousands of euros to make your homes legal.”


There were over 150 people at the meeting earlier this week, which was disappointing, considering that there are more 1300 homes in the Catral municipality who are affected. After recent meetings with the Town Hall, Honorio has established certain discrepancies with the Town Hall’s 1% tax scheme; the biggest being that, at the moment, it is completely illegal for them to ask for it! He told the audience: “As a property purchaser, you have the rights to have relevant infrastructure. In Article 21 of the Ley de Valencia, it states that people have the rights to have electricity, water, schools, parks, green areas, a postal service and even rubbish collection. You should not have to pay for this; it is not down to you. You paid for all this when you bought your properties. It is the obligation of the builder to install the infrastructure before the houses are even built and if the builder is unable to fulfil his obligations, then it is the responsibility of the Town Hall. The property developers are culpable for the costs of the infrastructure, and it is them who we must go after.”


It was announced that after Easter, the solicitor, along with several members of the Justice For Catral Residents group will be meeting with a Law Professor at Alicante University to find out how they can go about initiating a class action against the various professionals and officials who were responsible for them being in this situation. Honorio added: “But we need the support of everyone who is affected by this to stand up and be counted. It is all about power in numbers.” Lillian Cenci from the group continued: “This is the only way that we are prepared to go forward and all the groups and associations involved in the Catral problem must join forces and unite for one reason and one reason only and that is to get our homes legalised without having to pay for the infrastructure, which should have been provided in the first place.” She appealed to those groups: “We ask you to please join with us so that we can be a strong force. Then we can negotiate with the Town Hall and come to an agreement.” Lillian concluded: “We all know that we will have to pay something, but it should be up to us as to how much we are willing pay, not them. We are the victims in all this. This class action is a necessity. If the Town Hall is not going to take action against those responsible, then we will take action against the Town Hall and claim compensation for the stress caused to each and every one of us.”



Source:Round Town News 

Written by Louise Clarke   
Thursday, 25 March 2010