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16/04/2010 - 168 residents of Lliber start “Class action” in criminal case Part 2

168 homeowners affected by the fraud & corruption uncovered in Lliber, following the arrest of 18 people in December 2009, have joined forces to present themselves to the Denia court as victims with the intention of securing compensation from the perpetrators in the event their homes are deemed illegal, and to protect themselves from future infrastructure costs that could be imposed in future by the authorities.


In a co-ordinated exercise involving all the AULN team from every affected neighbourhood in Lliber, residents provided the documentation required by the investigating judge who relaxed the need to appear at the court after the first 65 residents had attended the court in person with their documentation.

“To get 65 residents to the courts was a remarkable achievement in such a limited time, to register 168 in the available timescale was phenomenal and all thanks to the hard work of the dedicated people in our team” commented the AULN president Adrian Hobbs.


Hobbs added, “Since the arrests in December which boosted our faith in the Spanish judicial system, we have begun to understand clearly what has occurred in Lliber, the scale of the fraudulent activity, the nature of the conspiracy and who was involved with who.

As victims we will have access to the 20,000 page evidence file via our lawyer’s Monica Mas and  Snr  Bernardo Rosal, the former Valencia Regions Ombudsman,  and be able present ourselves strongly in court against the culprits, including the Lliber town hall officials past and present”.


We are starting to feel back in control of our own destiny here in Lliber after seven years waiting, wondering and worrying about our home, and whilst the worry has not diminished, at least we know our journey is heading in the right direction and the fight to legalise our homes is being witnessed throughout Spain and Northern Europe. Justice might just prevail here at a time when Spain most needs it to restore people’s faith in the housing market, so seriously damaged by the widespread corruption in the town halls, and which has resulted in heartache for countless thousands of law-abiding citizens.