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17/04/2010 - Asset search underway throughout Europe

Spanish newspapers today reported that the investigating judge in Denia has ordered the confiscation of assets of those involved it the Lliber illegal homes and corruption scandal. This confiscation order included the assets of the English builder Trevor Bourne, arrested in December and  identified since as a main developer in the plot,  but to date the court has only identified a property in Jalon and a vehicle in his name. This confiscatory action has been sought by the prosecution because of the group action by some 168 Lliber residents.


In the search for assets, the judge has requested that the Association of Private Banking and the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks freeze accounts and deposits in which the four defendants could include not only owners but trustees, guarantors, administrators and legal representatives, in an effort to locate the money that could be hidden under the name of other nominees.


According to press reports published, the Guardia Civil have so far identified that Muntaner, the alleged ringleader in the plot had accumulated 26 parcels of land totaling nearly 97000m2,  four plots with large villa’s on them in Javea, Benidoleig and Lliber (29000m2 not yet built on) and 14 other homes and 8 commercial premises in Javea, Calpe and Calatayud. Of a total of eight vehicles identified as belong to the Muntaner, one was a Ferrari.


Not to be outdone it is also reported that the former PP Alcalde Jose Mas had accumulated a total of nine rustic buildings totaling some 27,000 square meters and an urban property all registered as “land only” on the register. Not bad for someone who just over 1 month ago pleaded poverty and had bail reduced to secure his release from prison!


It must pay to be the town  architect as well, as Amadeo Signes also released on bail for a reduced sum  had accumulated  a haul of 22,000 m2 of land identified from 6 plots  and the possibility of a cozy nest egg tucked away in a bank account in Andorra.

The Civil Guard is convinced that the defendants were able to enjoy such a high style of living thanks to the benefits they obtained from the fraud in Lliber. The judge has prohibited them from disposing of their properties so that, if they are convicted, they "do not disappear and can serve as compensation to injured parties."

Investigations are ongoing.