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12/02/2009 - More mayors in prison

The Guardia Civil have arrested the Mayor of Castro Urdiales (Galicia). He is suspected of falsifications in connection with construction in an area of water flow; he was released after making a formal statement.

A number of arrests took place in Majadahonda (Madrid) Valencia, Marbella and Sotogrande, following accusations against the company "Special Events." Others, connected with the company, were also arrested for urban planning corruption and money laundering and the Mayor of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) has resigned in connection with the affair. In Valencia the Chief Executive of the company "Orange Market" has been arrested. The company arranged the stand for the Valencia Government at the recent Fitur exhibitions. They were set up several other important "events" for Francisco Camps Ortiz, Partido Popular President of the Generalitat de Valencia since 2003. In the Madrid's Regional Government (also PP) the Sports Minister has been obliged to resign.