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22/05/2010 - Coastal groups demand electricity and water

SEVEN URBANISATION Presidents visited Orihuela Town Hall earlier this week to demand that the ruling PP party release the bonds that were deposited at the Town Hall prior to their urbanisations being built.

All seven urbanisations are currently enduring or have endured a sustained length of time without any mains water and electricity. The Presidents were assisted by PSOE Councillor for the Coast, Rosa Martinez.  They have all issued official ‘instancias' to the Town Hall to complain about their lack of essential amenities and demand that the financial bonds given to the Town Hall as guarantees by the now defunct developers, be given back to the urbanisation to help them pay off any outstanding debts and fund the necessary infrastructure to get their water and electricity supply.


Amongst the urbanisations represented is Las Colinas La Zenia Elite Phase One, which has been the subject of many reports. So far, residents on that urbanisation have spent over €100,000 on electricity and water debts as well as erecting a gate and finishing the pool. Meanwhile, at Phase Two, the residents have done most of the necessary work themselves but have still had to pay money for materials as well as €32,000 to pay off the electricity debt and €10,000 to pay off the water debt.  And despite paying that water bill, they still have to get their supply from nearby urbanisation Trianna One.

Wally Tynan, President of La Zenia Elite Phase Two joked: "We use and pay for the water supply to Trianna One's swimming pool, so maybe we should start charging their residents to recoup some money back!"


There is no doubt that if this situation wasn't so serious it would be funny. Mandy Tipling, President of Trianna One, commented: "You really couldn't make it up." Meanwhile over in Colinas de Puerta Real Phase Four, they have been without any water supply for months. Their communal supply has been priced at €3,000 per quarter; meaning that for the 12 full time residents they have a yearly water bill of €1,000, which is ridiculous. And just when they thought that their water supply would be connected because the addresses on the water ‘bolletins' didn't match with the new addresses given by the Town Hall, the workman disappeared and haven't been seen since!


Rosa said: "Everyone at the Town Hall says that these problems experienced by the residents are due to the inefficiencies of the promoter but the Town Hall was responsible for agreeing to these urbanisations in the first place and they allowed uncontrolled building on the coast to go on for years. They need to take responsibility for these residents who do not have the necessary and essential amenities of water and electricity. They just choose to wash their hands of the whole situation." Rosa then produced examples of other Town Halls who have given residents the promoter's bond in order to carry out the necessary work. She said: "Regardless of political party, these Town Halls have realised the problems that are being experienced by their residents and are prepared to help them. How long will it take the PP run Town Hall of Orihuela to do the same?"