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23/05/2010 - Lliber featured on BBC "The Politics Show"

The AULN today reached the BBC audience in the UK by featuring on "The Politics Show" for the East Midlands region. The five-minute feature focused on the problems in Lliber and  the wider problems encountered in Spain including the LRAU and Ley de Costa laws.

AULN members Mick Middleton and Terry Lees from La Cuta featured as did Adrian Hobbs. In support was the East Midlands Mep Roger Helmer who has highlighted the plight of ex pats several times in the European Parliament. During the pre camera interview Mick and Adrian told the reporter their stories and the reporter and cameraman both commented “ this story  isn’t for real, we both replied “believe us it’s real”! during the pre camera discussion we were also able to highlight the smear campaign  from certain local residents who claimed that Auln members were related to the BBC Wales reporter in the Helldorado documentary recently. We established with the film crew that we certainly did not have any existing blood ties with them!

Adrian Hobbs commented " It really is fantastic what we are doing here in Lliber, we have a fully enabled internet community acting independently and collectively, organising legal statements across continents, nationalities and languages, paying and accumulating sums of money for legal expenses electronically, and placing members in front of cameras so as we can tell our story nationally and internationally. If the local Spanish politicians, including our own Mayor,  could  harness a fraction of the skills and experience of the ex pat community, what a different story we might be telling in the village of Lliber.

We shall post a copy of the featured story  here shortly.