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15/06/2010 - Latest town plan for Cantoria give first indication of legalisation costs

The approximate cost to legalise land in Cantoria is estimated to be in the region of €11 per square meter of plot size according to a study commissioned by AUAN members on the latest modifications to the Cantoria town plan.


Thus the costs to legalize a 600 square meter plot could be in the region of €6,600. This figure includes the cost of road improvements, the provision of public spaces and community facilities.


However, the study indicates that this figure is very generalized and is likely to be an underestimation of the true final cost because some elements (such as the provision of a sewage system) have not been included. We believe that the costs could perhaps go as high as €30 per square meter.


It is hoped that 80% of houses constructed on non urban land will be regularized via these plans. Further modifications are planned. The study concludes that the plans are technically justifiable and may serve as a template for other areas. However, the funding of the work is a critical issue.


Who pays?

In law, the landowner is expected to bear these costs. However, if the landowner cannot or will not pay, the administration could eventually register the debt against the property in the property register. This debt would appear in any search against such a property.


If insufficient funding is forthcoming (from whatever source), the plan fails and the relevant homes could remain illegal. Given the current economic climate this is a real risk.


The above figures do not include the costs to obtain documentation for the houses and any taxes that become payable to register the houses.


AUAN is grateful to Cantoria Town Hall for its apparent transparency in these planning procedures; transparency which seems sadly lacking in the case of some other Town halls, where similar costs are expected.


Please note the initial sums are  based upon a 600 sq ft plot @ 11 Euros/sq ft, this equates to 33,300 Euro's  if your on a 3000m2, plot and 66,000 Euro's if your plot is 6000m2.  Do the sums yourself if the true cost rises to £30 Euro's per m2. Perhaps those  who have not joined the legal action will start to realise the potential impact.