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16/11/2010 - “The vanishing of honesty in public life”

Under this title the newspaper “Informacion” of Alicante  published an extraordinarily honest and critical article, which we reproduce,  in part, here  

“The word honesty seems to have definitely disappeared from the political scene in the Province of Alicante and in Spain in general. There is no village nor town where the hypocrisy and lies have not taken hold of public life. In any case the honesty has been relegated strictly to private life. Nothing much has changed in Spain since the 19th century. The bosses continue to decide according to their whims, some declaring to be from the left, others from the right. In general, the same people govern us, but in different forms. Now they use the so called media of communication, publicity and image campaigns, with hollow words and flashing public appearances. However, the honest debate on how to achieve the common good, simply does not exist anymore. Both parts insult each other, take their opponents to court, and talk about a more or less distant past, but arguments, used in honest debate, no longer exist .....”

........(the writer alludes to the “Pajin clan” in Benidorm, the Mayor of Alicante, the previous PSOE spokesman in the town council of the provincial capital, the president of the “diputacion provincial” (provincial association of municipalities), the Mayor of Orihuela, the councillor in Polop who according to the Guardia Civil killed the mayor to take over his urbanistic business).....and continues:

“The strangest of all is that whilst the established politicians continue with their private businesses financed by public money and with the usual impudence, the citizens do not react. They continue unconcerned with their daily life, occupied by the problems caused precisely by the incompetent politicians.  In the elections they appear to vote for one side and the next time for the other, or rather, against one side or the other, then to return to their sad existence, excluded from the banquets of the bosses and the corrupt politicians who are having a good time.

When will the citizens say ENOUGH ?  How many cases of public corruption are needed before the bosses and political corrupts will be removed from public life? When will honesty returns to public life?  It is time to stop this vicious circle of “today I vote for PSOE, tomorrow for PP and vice versa……” We have lived more than two hundred years with the same corrupt class of politicians. To do things worse than those charlatans is impossible. A radical regeneration of public life is absolutely necessary……….”

And that my friends is the unfortunate reality we face, and possibly why we struggle to make the breakthrough to get our homes legalised……Things can change, but only with a little help from our friends. Are you registered on the Padron, your vote is your voice!