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14/12/2010 - 2.4 million euro's found in Andorra!

Following the arrests last year of the former Mayor Jose Mas and Town Hall Architect Amador Signes investigators today announced that they had located 2.4 million Euro's belonging to the former architect Signes in a private account tucked away in the principality of Andorra. The find comes almost one year to the day when the 18 accused were arrested and charged with corruption and fraud. Following the initial investigation the judge ordered the accused assets to be frozen and commissioned a worldwide search for money hidden away in secret bank accounts.

The judge last year stated that the main accused had accumulated substantial assets and that Signes assets were nothing special compared to that of Muntaner who had accumulated over 100,000 m2 of land in the Marina Alta as well as 16 houses and 7 cars. British builder Trevor Bourne is also known to have substantial assets and the search continues.Adrian Hobbs, President of the AULN commented " This is a significant piece of good news for the 300 homes affected in Lliber and it shows that despite their protestations of innocence last year, vast sums of money had been secreted away in the hope that it would be secure and away from the investigators. People hide money when it has been unlawfully obtained and we are the victims of the plot between the accused who have blatantly lied to us all, leaving us in the predicament we find ourselves in today with illegal homes and an incompetent administration from here to Valencia working at a snails pace to resolve the issue."

He went on to say "this substantial monetary find, fully justifies the action taken by the AULN and its members to enter the court case as victims and to pursue justice for what has been done to us all, we are in the final stages of submitting evidence to our lawyers and the case will move to the higher courts early next year. We will not stop until our homes are either legalized or fully compensated for".