We only want a legal home, water and electricity!

We only want a legal home

Our Mission

  • To bring about the proper legalisation of land and houses in Lliber that are currently 'illegal' through collective representation to the relevant authorities in Lliber and elsewhere in Spain and Europe if required. To restore our freedom of choice, movement and capital.
  • To secure a legal supply of water and electricity from the relevant providers as a legal right, and to pay our local taxes for the benefit of the wider community.
  • To prevent or mitigate, as far as possible, any potential infrastructure costs having to be borne by owners of properties where these should be borne by other parties i.e. property developers & local Government.
  • To ensure each individual’s right to sell or pass on their properties in a normal and legal manner.
  • To inform, support, and where possible, advise and represent our members on matters which commonly affect them in relation to the above, as far as is practicable and though other similar associations throughout Spain experiencing similar difficulties. > Read More

We don't want corruption and incompetence, 15 years without a solution is enough!

Latest Statistics

Number of years we have waited for a PGOU 17
Days since election promises: 3243
Number of illegal houses: 300
Water connections made: 23
Electricity connections made: 18
Licences of Occupation issued: 111

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Monica Mas Estelrich Solicitor for the AULN

The PP Election Promises 2011

  • Electricity and water supplies to the illegal homes.
  • Delivery of the General Plan

"We promise to commit to this fully, and put every tool that we have at our disposal into getting the General Plan dealt with as soon as possible.”

Alcalde Jose Juan Reus.

Latest News

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EU Petition Committee

April 14th 2011

Without the court process, you have nothing say's top lawyer.

Listen to Bernardo Del Rosal Blasco, the lawyer talking to home owners in May about whether they should join the court action.

Helldorado BBC Wales

BBC Documentary

Roger Helmer MEP

Statement by the Spanish authorities concerning the Ley de Costas petitions

Lliber featured on Lasprovincias Tv

Construcción ilegal en Llíber

GMTV - Demolitions in Albox Spain

GMTV feature brings much needed awareness to our plight.

Andreasen Presses Zapatero

Tv Crew visit Lliber

Following the recent arrests, Spanish tv crew come to Lliber to investigate.

A true story

This is the true story of the “Priors” who lived in place called Vera. They were in a similar predicament to us and many others until one day they had a visit.

It must not be allowed to happen here in Lliber. Watch the video now.

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Interviews From Albir Conference

Interview with Charles Svoboda, vice president, AUN from the AUKEN meeting held on the 26 September 2009 at the Hotel Sun Palace in Albir.

Margrete Auken, Member of the European Parliament in Brussels. Author of the well known Auken report approved by absolute majority of the European Parliament condemning Spain for abusive urban practices.

Marco Perotti Interview

> Association de l'Alfas

> Paradise Lost. Watch the video here